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Here are a few workouts I have written over the years for various goals.  Molly and I enjoy having a written workout to keep us on track which is good because I like to write them.  I have a masters in exercise physiology and my CSCS so it is fun to try new workouts every couple months and mix it up.  These are a few of our favorites (or most hated, depending on the day).

Some workouts are periodized, so just type your one repetition maximum (1RM) into the highlighted cells and the weights will auto-fill for the entire workout from those values.  For all you meatheads out there, remember that during these workouts, light days mean exactly that, they are supposed to be easier!  Pushing it too hard on those days will most likely screw you later in the program because your body needs time to repair itself.  Only up the weights if you are finding the heavy days too easy.

Feel free to share with credit as you like.

Hypertrophy 6 Week 3x Per Week – Periodized
Tough workout, fully periodized, designed to gain muscle mass in a hurry.  Cardio or sports on the off days.

Hypertrophy & Olympic – 6 Weeks 3x per Week
Similar to the first program, but one day is Olympic movements (great workout if you have access to a platform!).

Fall 50 2012 Race Training
This is a training program for a team race we did in Door County, WI.  We had a team of 5 and were responsible for running 2 legs (4 to 7.5 miles each) of the 50 mile race.  Molly and I both finished pretty well, averaging  8:45 min/miles for Molly and 7:15 min/ miles for me.  While elite runners will probably need a more serious running regimen, this program was nice for us because we could keep most of our muscle mass while getting into some pretty decent cardio shape.

Spartan Sprint Race Training – 5 Weeks
Training for a Sprint Spartan Race in Los Angeles that we didn’t end up running so I can’t speak to its true cardiovascular effectiveness, we looked good though!  The program is definitely heavier on explosive movements and weights rather than running, but we were already in pretty good cardio shape from the Fall 50 race we had just done and wanted to get our bodies ready for the anaerobic stresses typical of a sprint Spartan Race.

Questions? Feel free to comment!

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