Little Green Lake, WI

Merry Christmas (in June)! Instead of traditional gifts, Molly’s parents decided to give the family an experience by way of a four day weekend at a lakehouse on Little Green Lake, Wisconsin. The house was set up perfectly for our large group including six adults and four kids. There was a nice dock on the property which accommodated two fishing boats, a power boat, and a couple kayaks easily.

Little green lake, wisconsin fishing, wisonsin lake, wisconsin sunset, lake sunset

The weather was picture-perfect for the entire stay, Crosby got some great bonding time in with his cousins, and I even squeezed in some fishing. Material gifts come and go, often forgetting who they came from, but memories can last a lifetime and Molly and I were very thankful to share this experience with her family.

little green lake fishing, wisonsin bass fishing, 5 lb bass, father and son fishing

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