Flambeau Flowage With Crosby – Redux

Two months of shocking reality after our three-week road trip in May, the family needed some quiet time.  Vacation days were in short supply, but we decided to take a 3.5-day canoe-camping weekend trip up to the Flambeau Flowage.  We had attempted this trip a year prior with Crosby, yielding dubious results; but he was a (somewhat) rational person a year removed from that trying experience, so we decided to push ahead for round two of camping with a toddler.

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We arrived at the Flowage Thursday afternoon and after the usual stress of finding a campsite we settled in at Campsite F-13.  This time around, Crosby was a true delight to have around camp, joining in setting up, cooking, cleaning fish, swimming, and relaxing.  For the first time, we had almost no wind, allowing us to explore more of the Flowage than I have ever seen.  On Friday evening, Molly’s cousin Mitchell joined us, and we all set out to fish our way through the calm waters together.  While the fishing wasn’t great (thanks a lot, high pressure system), the weather was spectacular and the fam recaptured a little of our road trip magic by unplugging from the rest of the world for a few days.

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