California Love

Leif is getting married!!!!!  A couple of our best friends, Leif and Adrienne, who you may remember from our Going, Going, Back, Back to Cali, Cali post were getting married in Santa Monica, California. Even better, almost 20 of our college friends were making the journey west to join in the festivities….and leaving the kiddos at home!

One of our friends stoically took the lead on booking a couple places through AirBnB and most of the group ended up staying at “The Architectural House“. The property was in a superb location in Venice: close to the beach, restaurants, and bars. It was very large and could easily accommodate the 11 of us who stayed there with room to spare. While it is listed as a upscale rental, it was a little rough around the edges in some places and it was clear that it was used mostly as a party pad which fit the bill for us!

Between wedding activities, we found time to stroll down Venice Beach, go surfing with some local friends, play beach volleyball in Santa Monica, work out at Muscle Beach, and of course do a little day drinking. 🙂

Venice, CA, California  Los Angeles, CA, California, beach

The Wedding itself was at Tiato Kitchen Market Garden + Venue.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the garden was immaculately maintained.  It was a perfect spot for Leif and Adrienne to start their grand adventure together and celebrate with friends and family.

Tiato Kitchen Market Garden, Santa Monica, CA, California, wedding Tiato Kitchen Market

This was our first time away from Crosby and while we missed our little guy at home, it was a great chance to reconnect as a couple and catch up with some old friends.

CA, California, Venice Beach

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