V.A.B. (Vacation After Baby)

What? You need to be fed? What?  You need to be changed?  What? You need a nap?  Why the hell are you still crying!?!?

Grand plans of taking our six month old, Crosby, out west with another couple and their son were quickly shut down when the full reality of what being on a road trip with two infants would really entail.  Wisely, we scaled back our crazy ideas and opted for a much more reasonable plan to go up to my family’s generational lake house near Delavan, WI.

Molly and Ellen with the boysCorrect Craft, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

Between naps, feedings, and pumping, we found time to swim, boat, fish, catch some rays, grill, drink some beers, and even tear into a home improvement project.  It took some practice adjusting to planning around the babies, but by the end of the week we had figured out that we just needed to go with the flow and when in doubt, take the kiddos on a boat ride!

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, WI, pontoon

Molly and I had not spent a week at “The Lake” since our honeymoon back in 2006 and it was a great reminder of how peaceful and beautiful Southern Wisconsin can be mid-week when everyone else is at work.  Life slows down and you can take it all in instead of rushing from one activity or project to the next.  Of course, that peace and beauty was frequently interrupted by the sound of two screaming infants, but it was nonetheless a great week and a perfect escape from reality.

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

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